This week we finished our beautiful Rosh Hashanah plates that will go home with a piece of apple-honey cake and a round challah with raisins.  Holidays are special days and we prepare in special ways.

(Skills – repeating AB pattern, strengthening fine-motor skills, painting within the lines.)


We had a great time baking the Apple-Honey Cake!  We got to grate apples, help follow the recipe and smell new spices like Allspice, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves.  We helped mix the batter and add the indigence.  We also visited the Shul (Synagogue) where people come to celebrate the holiday of Rosh Hashanah.  There’s even a tent outside because the Shul isn’t big enough for all the people who will be coming for Rosh Hashanah.  “Wow, that tent is so huge!”

Highlights for this weeks Center Time include playing with the Rosh Hashanah Memory Matching game, new Alphabet Puzzle and playing Hair Salon.

We also Celebrated the first Birthday in our class and had a guest reader.  Happy Birthday friend!!!


Fun with Rosh Hashanah


We’ve been busy this week learning more about Rosh Hashanah and working on different skill while having fun with the Holiday.  During circle time, we learned about AB patterns and how they repeat over and over.  We made different patterns together using apples and then all by ourselves.  Patterns are fun and you can find them everywhere and make them in many different ways.

Once we were comfortable making patters, we used this new skill to decorate our take-home Rosh Hashanah plates with an apple pattern of our choice.  This task required lots of concentration and good fine-motor skills.

We also gave our hands and brains a good workout while rolling, counting and cutting play-doh apples.

During Center Time, we played with Rosh Hashanh trays; sorting and picking apples using tongs, lacing, using stencils to make apple pictures, feeling the Shofar, singing Holiday songs while using instruments and so much more.   We even got to hear a real Shofar, it was so loud.

Rosh Hashanah – A Sweet New Year!

This week we began learning about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  We spoke a bit about apples and honey because on Rosh Hashanah, we eat sweet foods like apples dipped in honey and round challah with raisins. We even had a tasting on apples and honey.  We spoke about how apples grow on trees and they can be red, yellow or green, they’re round and crunchy, the skin is smooth and inside there are seeds.  We also described the properties of honey; sweet, sticky, yellow and of course oh so yummy!  We also learned about the Shofar, which is made from an animal horn, and on Rosh Hashanah we hear the loud sound of the Shofar to remind us to make good, sweet choices in the new year.  Holidays are so much fun!

We practiced painting all the Rosh Hashanah things we spoke about in circle time; apples, shofar and round challah with raisins.  We love painting and now that we’re big kids we can paint the things we see.  We can choose colors intentionally, paint within lines and free-hand circles.  Our little hands can do some amazing things.

And here are a few highlights from Center Time.

Great Beginnings – School is so much fun!

We’ve been busy in the Three’s Class and it has been a great beginning to an exciting year.  We’ve been exploring our new classroom, practicing new routines and skills, getting to know new friends and reconnecting with old ones.  Here are some Highlights from Center Time.

Play-doh is great for working on fine-motor skills and strengthening our hands in preparation for writing skills.

Painting is fun and relaxing, it’s also great for practicing proper pencil grip.


The Kitchen Center is a popular spot.  You can find us here making meals, feeding babies, having parties and interacting with friends and having a great time.

Our Classroom is full of interesting things.  We’re having a great time exploring everything, figuring out what things are for and how to use them.

            Circle Time is fun and interactive.  We are big kids now and look how nicely we can sit, listen and learn.  We are working on waiting listening when our friends are speaking and waiting for our turn to speak.


We are also getting to know our classroom pet bunny. His name is Thirsty and we will be taking turns feeding him this year.  He’s a sweet bunny and loves it when friends pet him

We love books and you can find us in the library reading to friends or having some quiet time with a book.

We are learning how to write our names!  We started to practice this skill by tracing our names with dry-erase markers every morning.  Wow, that is big kid stuff!  School is so much fun!

Spring is here, it’s the best time of the year!

Spring is finally here and we are loving the warmer weather, observing the changes and enjoying the beautiful world we live in.  We took a nature walk to look for signs of spring and we found them everywhere.  The trees were budding and flowering, the grass is greener, the flowers were growing all over the forest floor and we heard many birds and found many insects.  The nature walk was truly a feast for our senses.

We are currently learning all about plants, plant parts and how plants grow.  We are looking at seeds, we started a garden and we are reading lots of books about the subject.


Back in the classroom we are busy, busy, busy working on skills and having fun.

Preparing for Passover

Passover Holiday is coming soon!  Holidays are special days so we must prepare.  We learned about the story of long ago in the land of Egypt and what we do to celebrate this special Holiday.  We practiced making Matzah out of play-dough and out of salt dough.   Rolling out the dough flat and poking it with forks was fun and good exercise for our hands.   We baked the salt-dough Matzah so we could use it for pretend play in our kitchen center.

We also made Seder Plates to take home.  We used Q-tips to paint pretty flowers on our plates.  This task required lots of concentration, fine-motor skills, and attention to detail.  Look how focused we are while working.

During Center Time, we’ve been enjoying having Seders with friends and playing with different Passover activity trays.


Holidays are so much fun and we always have the best time celebrating in school.  Here are some highlights from our Purim celebrations.  We loved hearing the stories of long ago and re-telling them with our puppets.  We also had a great time playing in our classroom palace and pretending to be queens and kings, making crowns and hamantashens and our very own Megillah.  Holidays are special days and we love to celebrate!!!

We love making yoga letters with our bodies!  Can you tell what letter we are?

Learning Letters is Fun

We really like letters. We like looking at Alphabet books, we like alphabet puzzles, we like painting, stamping, writing and constructing letters.  We like spelling our friends’ names and writing our own names.  We love all things that have to do with letters, that’s why we decided to make our own alphabet book.

To make the book, we first painted the paper our choice of color.  Next, we used precut pieces of construction paper to create our letters.  Some letters are made of straight lines and some a curvy and round so we had to make sure we were choosing the correct ones for the letter we were making.  Morah helped us glue the letters on the paper.  Then we used crayons to color pictures of things that begin with each letter.  Look at how focused we are while coloring.

We’ve been signing in everyday since September.  First we started by tracing our letters with dry erase markers but now we are writing our names independently on paper each day.  Look at our handwriting skills!!!

Snow! Come out, come out and play in the snow!  Finally we got some good snow to play in.  Childhood is so priceless.

Some Highlights from Center Time.

We had a special visitor come to our class and teach us all about taking care of our teeth.

Winter Fun in Our Class

We have been busy in our class with many different winter crafts and activities.  Here we are using our strong muscles on salt dough.  We had to roll it to make it flat and use a cookie cutter to shape it into a snowflake.  Lastly, we baked them to make them hard and then we painted them white and added glitter to an extra sparkle.

We love snowmen!!!  So of course we are making snowmen in all sorts of different ways; painting collaging and just wait til you see the snowmen we are working on for our Art Unit.

We have been learning and practicing how to write our names.  Every morning we sign in by tracing our names using a lightbox.  Sometimes we trace dotted letters that Morah makes for us and next we will be copying letters to sign in.  Wow, we are getting so big and smart.

Highlights from Center Time:

Winter is coming

Winter is coming and with it comes winter fun.  This week we began learning about animals in the winter and how some of them Hibernate, some Migrate and others Adapt.   We also spoke about how winter is cold and cold changes things.  Cold changes the clothes we wear, the activities we do outside, the plants outside, the way animals live and behave and cold even changes water into ice.

We reviewed the concept of small, medium and large, practiced gluing, painting, working with small pieces, ripping and crumpling tissue paper and developing our fine motor skills in general while making these beautiful Snowman pictures.

This weeks highlights from center time included: coloring the snowman winter scene on a vertical surface which is great for building arm strength requires for future writing; rolling play-doh flat and working with winter themed cookie cutters; counting and number recognition with snowman buttons; enjoying new winter books in the classroom library; making letters out of blocks and a guest reader.