We had a great time learning about the holiday called Purim. We liked hearing about the king and queen so we decided to make our own crowns to wear.  We decorated the crowns using glitter paint, iridescent pieces of paper, and jewels.  Afterwards we wore our crowns and pretended to be kings and queens. 


Also to go with the story of Purim, we made graggers (noise makers) out of small, recycled water bottles. First we talked about the different things that make noise. We had a tray with different sections that had a different sound. We had cotton balls, kidney beans, and small pieces of paper towel, sand, and beads. We touched each item and described whether it was hard, soft, rough, smooth, etc. We then saw different white bottles with the tops on them. We each took a turn shaking the bottle, guessing what was inside, and if we heard a sound, what item was making the sound. After we shook each bottle, we opened it and saw if our guess was right or not. We also described each sound whether it was a soft sound, no sound, or a loud hard sound. The children then chose which item or items they would like to use to make a sound for their gragger. The children painted the small water bottles and added ribbon to the tops of their gragger and we loved shaking our graggers.


 We worked on our number recognition and counting skills.  Each crown had a number on it, 1 to 10.  The children had to put that number of gems on each crown. For example, if the crown had number 7, the child would put 7 gems on the crown. We loved matching crown puzzles, and matching letters to make words like Queen, King, and Palace. The children also used their fine motor skills by using tweezers to take gems out of the sand and placing the gems into a treasure box. 


The children loved our palace and throne in our block area and enjoyed pretending to be a Queen and King. We even made a Palace wall out of blocks and some saw a picture of a Palace made out of blocks and decided to copy the picture and even extend on it by adding stairs to it. We also enjoyed making a wall all around our Palace!  


The Purimstory is read from a Megillah, and the children enjoyed making their own.  They painted a paper towel roll, ripped crepe paper and added it to the Megillah. The children then colored pictures that told the story of Purim, and taped the pictures together to make one big scroll. We had fun taking them home along with our graggers and crowns. 


Lastly for Purim, the children enjoyed making pretend Hamantash cookies out of salt dough. We rolled it, patted it, and practiced making triangle shapes.  After practicing making Hamantash, we made the real ones and that was very exciting! Each child made three Hamantash cookies, two to give away and one to eat. We had a huge gathering for the whole school, heard the story of Purim, and gave away our Mishloach Manot (food baskets) to another friend, danced and just had a wonderful time.