Yom Kippur and so much more.


Autumn is here and we can definitely see and feel the changes in our environment.  We wear warmer clothes, the leaves are changing and it gets dark outside so early.  Fall is here and of course we want to explore and learn all about it.  What better way to do that than with a nature walk around our school.  Here are some highlights.

We learned about another Jewish Holiday, called Yom Kippur.  We spoke about making good choices and how that isn’t always easy to do.  We all make mistakes but the important thing is to say sorry and try to make better choices next time.  We shared some stories of when we didn’t make good choices and how we fixed them and said sorry.  On Yom Kippur the loud sound of the Shofar reminds us that it’s never too late to say sorry and start making good choices.  Now that we’re such big boys and girls we are better at making those good choices and it makes us feel so proud.

We made noise-maker Shofars to take home.  Holidays are fun!


We’ve been working lots with letters and numbers.  This week we focused on letter A.  We construed the letter out of paper strips, totted it, traced it and pained an apple because it begins with A.  We also created play-doh numbers and had fun with the new alphabet puzzle.

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