We’ve been very busy painting and gluing this week to make our take-home Menorah craft and look at how beautiful they all came out.  We also learned about the traditions of Chanukah like playing dreidel and lighting the Menorah and the yummy foods that are cooked in oil like latkes and doughnuts.  We heard the story that happened long ago in Israel and about the Chanukah miracle.

We’ve also been very busy during center time playing with all the fun Chanukah games and trays.  We built a Menorah in the block center, counted dreidels and candles, practiced spinning dreidels, made candles and dreidels out of play-doh and read many Chanukah books.

Working on Skills

This week we were very busy working on different skills!

Literacy Skills – enjoying new library books and learning how to take good care of them, listening to many stories, predicting what will happen next, building letters out of paper strips.

Math Skills – learning to look for picture and shape clues to assemble puzzles; number recognition and value, patterns.

Fine Motor Skills – working out our hands with play-doh, strengthening scissor skills, drawing and working on proper pencil grip, using pincer grip with water droppers and drawing on a vertical surface to work those arm muscles.

Social Skills – inviting friends to play and joining into play,  sharing space, working together toward a common goal, taking turns, being good friends, having fun together and getting silly.




Nature Walk

We had such a good time on our nature walk this week.  It was a great opportunity to explore the forest behind our school, sharpen our observation skills and appreciate the natural world around us.  We noticed all the different color leaves on the ground, and on the trees, listened for birds and to the sound of water in the river, felt the fuzzy moss, smelled onion grass, saw mushrooms and animal tracks and found many treasures in nature.  Fall time is a feast for the senses.