We have been learning all about fall. In the fall, the weather gets cooler and the leaves on the trees change color and fall down. There are also special foods that grow in fall, like apples and pumpkins. We went outside on a nature walk so that we could observe all of the changes. We each got a special card with two pictures on it. The pictures were of different leaves or other things that we find outside during fall, like pinecones and acorns. We had so much fun searching for these materials and loved being outside and seeing and hearing all of the sounds in the forest. When we got into the forest, Mira said “I can hear something with my ears! I can hear birds!” We looked around but did not see any birds, we could only hear them. We walked all the way down to the river and then took a quiet minute to listen carefully. We could hear the water flowing. We also could see leaves and sticks floating in the river. Some friends were wondering why there were leaves in the river. Levi said, “because it’s fall and leaves come down in the fall.” It was so nice to be outside and experience this new season.

We had fun using some of the materials that we collected as different kinds of paint brushes to create a new kind of picture. We used sticks, leaves and pinecones in order to make our paintings.

When we were outside, we saw many different color leaves, both in the trees and on the ground. We had fun painting our own fall trees. We used a brush to paint the trunk and branches and then used q-tips to dot leaves onto the branches, falling through the air and on the ground.

One kind of food that is ready to be picked in the fall are pumpkins. We got to cut open a pumpkin and see what was inside. There were so many seeds! We each got to feel the insides; many of us did not like the slimy texture of the pumpkin guts, but some of us had fun taking out as many seeds as we could find. Once the seeds were dry, we put them into bags with food coloring and had fun shaking them until all of the seeds were different colors.

We then worked on our letter recognition and fine motor skills by picking out the first letter of our name and very carefully putting glue on the letter. Once we were done putting glue, we put pumpkin seeds on the letter. These letters are hanging in our classroom and we are so proud of how they came out.

We also worked on our sorting skills and sorted all of the different colored seeds in separate containers.

We got to use the pumpkin seeds to create art! We each got two small jars and had to put glue all around the outside. Then we placed pumpkin seeds carefully around the outside. We were excited to learn that we will take these jars home for Thanksgiving so that they can be centerpieces on our Thanksgiving table.

One day, we walked into our classroom and saw a pumpkin with nails in it. We got a hammer and used our hand eye coordination to hit the nails and push them into the pumpkin. This was so much fun!

We worked on our descriptive language skills by playing a pumpkin themed game. We talked about what we noticed about a real pumpkin. Then, we played pass the pumpkin. We sang a song and when the song ended, we had to think of something to say about the pumpkin. These were the things that we noticed: the pumpkin is orange, round, bumpy, heavy, hard, and has a stem.

We also used pumpkin seeds to practice one to one correspondence. There were five pumpkins, each labeled with a different number from 1-5. We had to place the correct amount of seeds inside the pumpkin.

Our class loves playing with playdough! We made fall play dough all together. We measured, poured, and mixed all of the ingredients together.  At the end, we added the special ingredient: pumpkin pie spice. It made our play dough smell delicious! After it was ready, we used our fine motor and shape recognition skills to roll our play dough into a ball, just like a pumpkin. Then we added a stem and placed our “pumpkins” in the classroom as fall decorations.

When it is fall, the weather gets cooler. We learned about how some animals prepare for the cooler weather. Hibernation is when an animal goes to sleep for the whole winter. We learned about different animals that hibernate and the different places that they sleep. Then we played a sorting game, where we matched the animals to the place that they hibernate (for example, a bear sleeps in a cave, while a frog hibernates in the dirt).

Morah brought special, colorful corn into our classroom. We strengthened our fine motor skills by picking off the kernels. Although this was hard work, it has been one of our favorite activities this week. Come see how many kernels we have collected since this picture was taken!

We have also been learning about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday when we think about the people that help us and are important to us, and we say thank you for all that you do. We have been working on a special project that will be showcased at our school Thanksgiving event next week. We can’t wait to show it to you!