Plants, Bugs and Shavuot.

We are having such a good time learning about plants and bugs.  The seeds we planted have grown into strong little sprouts, and some of them have already been transplanted outside 🙂 We will enjoy the veggies during summer camp.  We also have been monitoring the growth of the roots in the special container.  We observed that the roots are much longer than the plant and that they are white, not greet like the plant.  “The roots look like long tangly yarn”, one of our friends described.  We’ve also been enjoying our worm tank 🙂 the children like to take the worms out and observe them under a magnifying glass and compare their size and color.  “This one is big, it’s a mommy worm.”  “This is the little baby one.”  “Why is this one pink and this one black?” “Why does it have lines on in?”  “I don’t see eyes, do worms have eyes?”  🙂 It’s all been very interesting and fun exploring, wondering about, asking questions, observing, finding out, learning and understanding…


We also began our in depth study of bugs and insects.  First we looked through all the different bug books from  the library.  We learned that insects have three main body parts called; head, thorax and abdomen.  Insects also have antennas for feeling, smelling and communicating as well as six legs.  We have a fun song that helps us remember the body parts that is sang to the tune of head shoulders, knees and toes.

Head, Thorax, Abdomen, Abdomen. (2x)

Eyes and Mouth, Antennas and Six Legs.

These are the parts of an insect, an insect.


We also wanted to take a closer look at some real bugs so we went out on a bug hunt into the woods behind our school.  The trees are now all green and everything in the forest is buzzing with life so of course we had a successful bug hunt. 🙂  We caught a few: Daddy Long Legs, Ants, Rolly Polly, Beatle, Caterpillars, and two Salamanders (Bonus!).  We brought them all back to class to observe, check out body parts and count legs.  When we were all done, we let them out back to nature.

After studying and discussing the books some more and exploring with real bugs, everyone was ready to draw the bug they chose for their project.  Working individually with Morah, we studied detailed pictures of each bug to draw it accurately with all the body parts and individual characteristics.  While looking and discussing the body, we also learned many interesting facts about what each bug eats, there it lives, how it protects itself and if/how it is good for the environment or harmful to people.

On top of all this fun stuff happening in our classroom, there’s a really yummy and fun Jewish Holiday coming up!  During this holiday we get to eat yummy ice cream, decorate our homes with flowers and go to Shul to hear the story that happened long ago when Moshe received the Torah.  We visited the Torah in the Shul in our school.  Rabbi Mendel showed us the scroll and we even got to touch it and give it a kiss.  The Torah is so special and beautiful and it teaches how to do Mitzvahs (good deeds) to better the world.   We’ve been discussing Mitzvahs during circle time and sharing what Mitzvah each of us does or can do,  We even started a Mitzvah book with pictures of us doing different Mitzvahs in class.



Center Time Highlights