Winter Fun in Our Class

We have been busy in our class with many different winter crafts and activities.  Here we are using our strong muscles on salt dough.  We had to roll it to make it flat and use a cookie cutter to shape it into a snowflake.  Lastly, we baked them to make them hard and then we painted them white and added glitter to an extra sparkle.

We love snowmen!!!  So of course we are making snowmen in all sorts of different ways; painting collaging and just wait til you see the snowmen we are working on for our Art Unit.

We have been learning and practicing how to write our names.  Every morning we sign in by tracing our names using a lightbox.  Sometimes we trace dotted letters that Morah makes for us and next we will be copying letters to sign in.  Wow, we are getting so big and smart.

Highlights from Center Time: