Thanksgiving and Winter

Thanksgiving has come and gone but the lessons we learned from the story planted seeds of kindness and helpfulness in us forever.  We learned about the Pilgrims who wanted a new place to live because the king didn’t let them celebrate their holidays.  “That’s not fair, people can celebrate their holidays if they want, that king is not nice.” (a quote from a friend 🙂 We discussed how different America looked back then and how different life was for the people who lived there.  We also learned about the Native Americans who knew how to live one with nature and showed kindness to the Pilgrims when they were struggling to survive in America.  We used the puppets and the story wall to retell the story of Thanksgiving together with friends.


We made Tzedaka Buddies (like a piggy bank) as a take-home project for Thanksgiving to commemorate the lesson of helping those less fortunate.  We already give Tzedaka (charity) in class every morning but now we can do it at home and when it’s full we can give the money to people who need it.

We made apple and cinnamon buns to share with everyone at the Thanksgiving Feast.  First, we helped wash and cut the apples, then we made the buns with the apples hiding inside, “like a surprise.”

First snow has fallen so of course we are making snowflakes.  We used rollers and cookie cutters to make snowflakes out of salt dough.  After we baked them hard we painted them white.  Next we will add some glitter and hang them all around our classroom.  We also painted snowmen!

We love learning letters. Last week we made doughnuts out of play dough for letter D.  This week we made rainbow letter E.

Highlights this week include a Birthday celebration and a guest reader.

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