Autumn is in full swing in our class and we are having a great time exploring nature and noticing the changes around our school.  We went on another nature walk to sharpen our observation skills and look for signs of Autumn.  We noticed that the trees are very colorful and we remembered that on our last nature walk the trees were still mostly green, but not anymore.  We found so many different color leaves and collected them to take a closer look at in our classroom.  We also found many acorns and pinecones.  We added all the things we found to our Nature Window.

We painted Autumn trees just like the ones we saw on our nature walk.  We’re becoming such good painters and now we can paint the things that we see.

During Circle Time we looked closely at the leaves we found outside.  We noticed they’re not all the same color or shape or size.  First, we sorted the leaves by shape and learned that different trees have different leaves.  Then we sorted each type of leaf by size.  We’ve been working on “Small, Medium, Big” so sorting the leaves from smallest to largest was a breeze for us. Lastly, we took time to notice all the colors on the leaves.  Some of them still had a little green, some had brown spots, some were bright red and yellow, some were crunchy and some not.  We discussed the concept of same and different.  We also pained leaves to decorate our classroom and bring those beautiful Autumn colors into our class.

During Center Time you can find us working on fine-motor skills while using tiny tongs to pick up acorns and acorn caps, manipulating toothpicks to stick them into play-doh and stacking pony beeds on them (very popular new activity tray in our class).  We’re also working on scissor skills, handwriting skills by tracing letters in our names and practicing pre-reading skills by taking picture walks through books in the class library.

We celebrated two Jewish holidays, Sukkot and Sinchat Torah.  We built a Sukkah in our class, made decorations, and cooked delicious vegetable soup to share with everyone at Supper in the Sukkah.  For Simchat Torah, we visited the Torah in Shul (Synagogue) and learned that the Torah teaches us to do Mitsvot (good deeds) and make the world a better place for everyone.  We also celebrated a friend’s Birthday and had a guest reader in class.  Celebrations are so much fun!!!

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