Fun with Rosh Hashanah


We’ve been busy this week learning more about Rosh Hashanah and working on different skill while having fun with the Holiday.  During circle time, we learned about AB patterns and how they repeat over and over.  We made different patterns together using apples and then all by ourselves.  Patterns are fun and you can find them everywhere and make them in many different ways.

Once we were comfortable making patters, we used this new skill to decorate our take-home Rosh Hashanah plates with an apple pattern of our choice.  This task required lots of concentration and good fine-motor skills.

We also gave our hands and brains a good workout while rolling, counting and cutting play-doh apples.

During Center Time, we played with Rosh Hashanh trays; sorting and picking apples using tongs, lacing, using stencils to make apple pictures, feeling the Shofar, singing Holiday songs while using instruments and so much more.   We even got to hear a real Shofar, it was so loud.

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