Rosh Hashanah – A Sweet New Year!

This week we began learning about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  We spoke a bit about apples and honey because on Rosh Hashanah, we eat sweet foods like apples dipped in honey and round challah with raisins. We even had a tasting on apples and honey.  We spoke about how apples grow on trees and they can be red, yellow or green, they’re round and crunchy, the skin is smooth and inside there are seeds.  We also described the properties of honey; sweet, sticky, yellow and of course oh so yummy!  We also learned about the Shofar, which is made from an animal horn, and on Rosh Hashanah we hear the loud sound of the Shofar to remind us to make good, sweet choices in the new year.  Holidays are so much fun!

We practiced painting all the Rosh Hashanah things we spoke about in circle time; apples, shofar and round challah with raisins.  We love painting and now that we’re big kids we can paint the things we see.  We can choose colors intentionally, paint within lines and free-hand circles.  Our little hands can do some amazing things.

And here are a few highlights from Center Time.

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